Monday, May 24, 2010

The Beauty of FRIENDSHIP

Long time no see, heh? Still busy ;)

I wanted to share some things with you today. Couple of days ago, I've finished taking a teacher's course in pedagogics at university level. In one of the excercises we had to rank different things and then discuss them in groups (just to demonstrate how group work functions). There were many personal things on that list, like power, wealth, parenting, self-realisation, etc. One of them was friendship. Makes one think, right?

I just wanted to tell that I've met many friends by beading, both in the EBW team and in Russian and Swedish beading forums. We have swapped our beadwork with some of them, and I bought some of the things to have a memory from particular persons. Today I'd just like to show you the things that my friends did. I cherish them, and wear them often. With pride.

These two are the wonderful things that I've got from Naan Pocen, a talented EBW member from Italy. They were made for the EBW spring swap. Got them long ago, but it took ages to take pictures! Sorry Naan...

This is the barette (my first beaded barette ever!). Love the colors and all those crystals!

And this wonderful bracelet is another present from Naan. It can be ordered from her shop on Etsy, but sorry folks - I've got the original! ;)

I've got this lovely chainmaile necklace from Natalia from Malmö, we met at

And this one is from another Natalia from, she lives in the U.S. Just check out those earthly colors!

About a week ago, I've received a polymer clay pendant made by Lorraine of TrinityDJ.

I will just put it on a strap and wear around my neck as it is.

Just as a reminder, earlier I've blogged about the beadwork mady by Rachele and Esther - the curious reader will find it here.

And this gorgeous bracelet was dropped into my mailbox today! Maria, you rock!

Guys, I really appreciate your time and energy put it these pieces. THANK YOU!