Saturday, October 23, 2010

First photosession

Never thought my jewelry would get that far, ever...

Couple of days ago, two of my pieces that are exibited at Brö got to participate in a photoshoot.

Photograph - Åsa Delau, model - Anna Malmgren

Anna, Åsa, Lina - thanks! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Swedish beaders are getting together twice a year. There is FACETT in Spring, and PUSS in Autumn. Puss is a Swedish for a kiss, in this case it is the abbreviation for Beads, Challenges, Stimulating and Creativity.

So, I spent last wekend locked in a hotel outside Stockholm with another 119 bead-nerds. It was FUN! Gave four workshops (soutache and freeform brickstitch), learned viking knit with silver wire, laughed & talked so much that my face became painful, etc.
Now I am tired :) But happy.

I made this necklace for one of PUSS challenges, where were supposed to create a posh piece for a dinner at Nobel hall or something like that. We had almost two months to figure it out. I thought, people would make big embroidered pieces with Swarovski and stuff. Thus, I wanted to make something simple this time.

Here's my Anastasiya - pearl necklace with chrysoprase pendant.

Delica beads and Toho 15/0 are 24K plated.

We did not win anything, but one cannot win all the time ;)
I'd still wear it for Nobel dinner!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sigulda and Colors of Fall

Go to Google, and search for pictures of Sigulda in autumn. Then you'll understand what this necklace is about :)

Every one of us has a favorite place for each season. My favorite Autumn place is Sigulda - a little hilly town in my home country, Latvia.

I made this necklace for several purposes. First, I wanted to have an entry for the monthly challenge at EBW. Conveniently, it was "Autumn falling of leaves". At the same time, I was making it for Artbeads blogging challenge: "Colors of fall".

And here is some real-life inspiration from my porch:

Yeah, laves sort of mask the necklace, but I like this shot anyway. They match well - necklace and leaves. ;)

99% of all beads in this necklace were suppied / bought from As a seed beader, I could not make a fall necklace without incorporating the "Russian leaves" into it ;). Gorgeous Toho hybrids (Gold/Pink and Apollo) and Miyuki Delicas were exactly what I needed. You will find those here.

There also are copper pendant and links,

as well as some gorgous Swarovski Crystal Copper.

That's all about my latest, folks! :)

Disclamer: most of the materials used for this necklace were kindly supplied by free of charge, in frames of Artbeads blogging program.