Saturday, November 29, 2008

Forgotten sneak-peek :)

Well, not really forgotten. I forgot to take a picture of it before giving it away. But it is solved now!

It was a present to a lady in her late 80s - a white and silver spiral rope necklace with a rhodonite cab. Sorry for keeping you waiting ;o)

Evolution of the Snow Angel, Part II

I'm done with embroidering the main piece. And now I am making the most boring thing imaginable - edging. Than only fringes will be left. Mmmmmm.... Friiiiingeeeessss....

Actually, I am an extremely impatient person. This quality does not combine well with bead embroidery. ;) A piece with long straight lines did not have a chance of being finished, I think. Keeping the design messy and free-form have helped not to get bored. I had lots of fun making it, actually. And it was a good meditation and mental therapy - I was thinking about lots of things while beading the Angel.

I was thinking about the intricate patterns that frost is "drawing" on the windows when it is really cold outside. And I was thinking about the snow angels, of course, and kids making them. Angels... My miscarried pregnancy, my two young friends whom I lost to cancer, my job search - the 2007 was not an easy year... And at the same time I was thinking about all the good things that have happened during the 2008 - giving birth to my baby, getting the best job I could ever get, starting beading... The circle is complete :)

One of the days we had a real snow storm, with hurricane-strength winds up to 38 m/sec. I was sitting on the second floor by the window and beading exactly what I saw - the legions of snowflakes carried by the wind. Making the Snow Angel.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Evolution of the Snow Angel

I am still working on the white collar. It is going slowly, but steadily. My main concern is to keep it well-balanced and not messy. Although it really wants to become messy, take my word for it!
Another concern of mine that it might turn out cheap-looking due to all Swarovski and other bling-bling. Well, we will see.

I decided to take some pictures to trace my progress, just as I go. These are from the last four days. I have also decided not to do any editing of the pictures, they are absolutely raw. Flash does not work with all bling of the large crystals, I'll have to figure it out later. My eyes actually did hurt when I was beading around those Swarovski rivolis, they shine like crazy. Good that I am not a diamant jeweler ;)

Anyhow, I am half-way through the project!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome, my First Follower!

Hi and thanks for checking out my blog! :)

The baby is asleep and I got some minutes to upload my new sneak-peek. My working table looks something like this right now:

I have finally started with a serious bead embroidery project. I just hope that a certain person will not find this blog too soon ;) It's a present. It is white and pink, fluffy and feminine. And lots of bling-bling.

Argh, so much for the sleeping baby.... ;)
See u later!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Johanna, thanks for the picture! ;)

And here is my last "creation", called The Little Black Thingie. I wanted to do something with left-over Witches Brew mix that I got after finishing the Witchery. As well as with numerous cat-eye cabs that I got from FMG. Here is the result:

This one is made in herringbone stitch. This time I have cheated with the cab-setting by gluing the cab to Lacy's and embroidering around it.
The hand on the picture is not mine, it is Kajsa's ;)

Totally forgot - Yippie, I've got comments!!! Thank you guys!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Back from Holland!

Hi ppl, I'm back. And what I see? Still no comments to my posts! And I know FOR FACT that many of my friends and family members are visiting the blog regularly. Grmf on you! ;)

I've spent four days in Utrecht and Amsterdam on Fungi and Health symposium, and fell in love with the country. People are NICE, weather is warmer than in Sweden (no wonder, heh), asian food is just great. ;) If you go there, beware of stroopwafels - they are as addictive as the magic mushrooms...

But back to business - I have finished two more beaded things.
This time I learnt how to make beaded crochet rope. The Swedish Bead Crocheting Guru Stinta has kindly helped with some useful advices.

The first thingie is called Frosty Blues. There was no great thought behind it, I just happened to have size 9/0 rocailles at home (Gutermann).

I really love this Orange lariat, actually. I got so inspired by work of Yvonne Stark (see link to the left), that made this one. Think Valencia, think oranges, think sun, freshness, juice, vitamines, etc... The flower on the one end in made in brickstitch (inner petals) and peyote (outer ones) - klick on the image for better view on the details. The stones on the fringes are dyed red agats - leftovers from my October project. This one is going straight road to Etsy.

And finally, a little sneak-peek on one of my new projects ;)

Stay tuned and do not forget to comment! ;)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Importance of having a good camera

Thought that it might be a good idea to upload some large pictures of my "early stuff" that Johanna has kindly taken for me. Just click on the image to get it in full size.

My mother in law loved the Flames. They are going to land as a X-mas present to the best friend of hers. Hush, it's a secret! ;)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hate making titles for my posts!

I have not done too much beading lately, was busy with some baby-stuff and all the family got sick in a nasty cold, bläää. Otherwise, I could have shown some funny pictures of my ongoing projects, but alas! ;)

I have finished couple of X-mas presents that I am not thinking to show before holidays ;)
And, I have opened a shop on Etsy and put my Witchery on sale. It will take a while before I come up to two items to qualify for joining the Etsy Beadweavers team.

Meanwhile, there is one thing that I would like to show. I am a bit proud of that one...
I wanted to bead flames. I think I was watching too much of Discovery channel - you know, Miami Ink, American Choppers, blah-blah-blah, and Mike LaValle with his amazing paintbrush flamework. I cannot airbrush, but I am learning to bead. That's it, I wanted to try if it was possible to bead flames and I gave it a try.

Overall, there are nine different shades of Jablonex 11/0 in this one (the color changes that yoiu see in the flame-part is not due to the camera). The rope is made of collums of garnet and silver-lined garnet for a cool sparkling effect, note this is my first try with herringbone stitch. The toggle clasp is made in Swarovski bicones, I've picked it up from (Thank You for the wonderful tutorials, Lisa!)

I could not decide which picture was the best, so I have uploaded both of them.

Well, that's all I wanted to show for today (while the little one is taking his powernap).
Take care, ppl!