Thursday, November 20, 2008


Johanna, thanks for the picture! ;)

And here is my last "creation", called The Little Black Thingie. I wanted to do something with left-over Witches Brew mix that I got after finishing the Witchery. As well as with numerous cat-eye cabs that I got from FMG. Here is the result:

This one is made in herringbone stitch. This time I have cheated with the cab-setting by gluing the cab to Lacy's and embroidering around it.
The hand on the picture is not mine, it is Kajsa's ;)

Totally forgot - Yippie, I've got comments!!! Thank you guys!


Anonymous said...

Herregud vilka vackra smycken du gör!

Foxan said...

Tack! Det betyder mycket för mig.