Saturday, November 29, 2008

Evolution of the Snow Angel, Part II

I'm done with embroidering the main piece. And now I am making the most boring thing imaginable - edging. Than only fringes will be left. Mmmmmm.... Friiiiingeeeessss....

Actually, I am an extremely impatient person. This quality does not combine well with bead embroidery. ;) A piece with long straight lines did not have a chance of being finished, I think. Keeping the design messy and free-form have helped not to get bored. I had lots of fun making it, actually. And it was a good meditation and mental therapy - I was thinking about lots of things while beading the Angel.

I was thinking about the intricate patterns that frost is "drawing" on the windows when it is really cold outside. And I was thinking about the snow angels, of course, and kids making them. Angels... My miscarried pregnancy, my two young friends whom I lost to cancer, my job search - the 2007 was not an easy year... And at the same time I was thinking about all the good things that have happened during the 2008 - giving birth to my baby, getting the best job I could ever get, starting beading... The circle is complete :)

One of the days we had a real snow storm, with hurricane-strength winds up to 38 m/sec. I was sitting on the second floor by the window and beading exactly what I saw - the legions of snowflakes carried by the wind. Making the Snow Angel.

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