Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here it is - all brand new year 2011. May it bring you love, happiness, health and wealth!

THANK YOU EVERYONE who has responded to my last post about Elena Markovski and her daughter. They have booked time for treatment, it will most likely happen in May.

Now I'd just like to share some pictures. This necklace was a commission order, a birthday present to mother of my customer. It was supposed to be rather simple and wearable, and incorporate 7 turquoise stones, symbolysing 7 grandchildren. The gorgeous natural turguoise cab in the middle is the Matriarch of the family herself.

I've embroidered it with vintage 17/0 Czech beads, and 13/0 and 15/0 Charlottes. The largest seed beads in this necklace are Miyuki 11/0 that look like elephants in comparison to their Czech cousins. Thanks to those tiny beads it turned out to be a very petite and elegant necklace. Length is adjustable.

Turquoise in the middle is from Hubei mines in China, the larger stones and drops are Nacozari and Kingman turquoise from the U.S.

I called this one Nike, since the pattern reminds me wings of the goddess of Victory.

This necklace was a tremendous fun to make. The only problem I had was posting it. The deadline was exactly one week after my surgery and I was quite stressed. First, I could not find a good box to put it in, and then the Post Office did not have any paper to wrap the box... Finally, it ended up wrapped in a hideous gift wrap with deers and stuff. But it has arrived safely!

New Year resolution - always make sure to have appropriate wrapping at home when taking in a large custom order!