Monday, October 31, 2011

Dealing with a back-log


Time to take care of a huge back-log. :)
This is a small and elegant piece, which I made while resting from my usual GiGanToMania.
Usually I do not like plastic beads. But there was something in those acrylic roses that made me to fall in love with them. I love the ivory color, and the detail, too.

I have recently discovered the beauty of cyanoacrylate glue, which I now use more often than E-6000. It does not stink nearly as much, and works equally well (so far). This time I used it to glue to a point-end rhinestone to my beadwork. It sits there like a rock!

Also, I used some really nice freshwater pearls for this necklace. You pay some extra bucks, but the effect is stunning. Do not think I'd ever be able to go back to B- ;(

I called it Lada. It is a very-very old Russian female name, a synonym of purity and natural beauty.
That's all for today, folks! And have a very nice week everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi again, what's up?!

LOOOOONG time no see!
I'm still around, still beading. This year turned out to be busy. But what a great year it is!
Here is a short summary over the things that happened since my last "serious" post here.

* May - my husband and I went to France for a short break

(Mats and I inside St. Michel cathedral)

(in front of me - Mont St. Michel)

* June - I was working like crazy, learning Linux & genome sequencing. And finishing entries for the Fashion Colorworks (still have to make decent pictures of those!)

(I got to make better pictures, it's a promise!)

* July - all family went for holidays in Latvia. Kids had a blast! And I met Svetlana Sametis (middle), an amazing bead artist!

(picture courtesy Svetlana Sametis, Svetlana and her associate are modelling my necklaces, and I return the favor) :)
* August was busy:
- finished one of the best pieces so far, an alternative wedding design for a really nice gal
(Black Magic, burlesque bridal piece)

- went to Hamburg, had a table at 1st Beader's Best Show (and met some of my readers, and Birgit Bergman, Kerrie Slade, Zoya Gutina, Liudmila Gubinova, and some other great beaders)

(picture courtesy Svetlana Sametis; standing left to right - Verene Grene-Christ, I, Liudmila Gubinova, Nadya Gerber, Birgit Bergman; sitting left to right - Galina Bär, Zoya Gutina, Svetlana Sametis)

- hosted Zoya and George Gutin for several days at our house, it was a great pleasure to finally meet them in person!

(here they are in central Uppsala, accompanied by my mom)

* September - went for a conference in Sapporo, Japan. LOVE that country, must come back.

(canal at Otaru, Hokkaido)

* October - teaching at PUSS Beadshow in Stockholm, sold one really exclusive design to an extraordinary lady. Working my @$$ off with genomics and trying to finish the collection for the Stockholm exhibition later this year.
More pictures to come!

I'll do my best to keep this blog going!

Hugs, everyone :)