Friday, February 27, 2009


The theme of this month's challenge is Temptation.
The idea for my necklace has popped into my brain the very instant I learned about it. Let me do some explaining.
After giving birth to my two rascals, I've got a bit overweight. Well, make it a lot overweight... And I am truly and deeply addicted to chocolate. You know the feeling of watching that tasty bit of chocolate bar? Feeling its gentle aroma, and how it melts in your mouth... But you know that you actually should rather not take it and eat it? Right?

This lizard might use a gift certificate at Weight Watchers. See how it is hypnotizing that large and juicy dragonfly? This lizard is tempted.

Do you feel the urge to run to the kitchen to get some chocolate? I do! ;)

Great thanks to Mia for modeling! And thanks to Cheryl for some of those gorgeous gemstones!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The winner of the Tropical Holiday Challenge is...

Marya of BeadCatchers!

Gorgeous piece of jewelry, my sincere congratulations!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Australian Bushfires

I love Australia. I had an honor to spend two months in Perth, as a visiting researcher at the University of Western Australia. And I am honored to call several Australians my friends.

First, I did not pay attention to the news about the bushfire in Victoria. It's a natural thing, happens every summer and promotes vegetation. Australian nature is used to that.

And than I heared about the death toll. People got no warning. Winds made the fire to spread with a speed of a car on a highway. Terrible.

Fellow Etsians have opened a charity shop: OzBushfireAppeal. I could not find anything cloe enough to my heart to buy, I do not like buying stuff that will never be used. That's why, I've decided to make a donation. I hope it will be accepted.

Carnelian Sunset:

and Victoria.

Brad, PJ, Ja-On, Nicolin, Siva, Nura, Titik - I miss u, guys!

Bought a .pdf with coiling instructions. I know exactly what to make with its help! ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do stones talk to you?

Couple of weeks ago, I had an honor to meet in person three Swedish beaders whom I respect a lot: Misan, Asanda and Karton (who does not have her own homepage yet, but some examples of her work can be seen here, here and here). It was an amazing day spent chatting, laughing, sharing ideas and beading. Misan, Karton and myself did some talking awaiting for Asanda to arrive, and one of the things that came up during our conversation was: how do we find our inspiration, especially when working with large stone cabochons. All three of us said almost in one voice - the stone tells us how it would like to have it. It is amazing, we seem to listen to the wishes of the stone about the bezel design!

One of the results of our creative meeting with the ladies was trying out new media for bead embroidery. My Blooming mosses is a direct follow-up of that.

This green turquoise cabochon wanted to have bronze-colored beads around it. I did not mind.

So, do stones, and other beads talk to you as well? I know that they do talk to Swanee and I love that conversation! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tropical Holiday Challenge - in all its glory!

These are all entries for the challenge of the month. I am very proud to be a member of this group! Just look at all those creations! You can see all the close-ups through the Team's homepage. The voting will start a bit later today and will proceed until Sunday the 15th of February. May the best beader win! :)

And, one of my latest necklaces have been features in two treasuries today! Thank you guys!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

PärlPlatsen's Word Challenge - CLOWN

Word challenge is a game played at PärlPlatsen.
This time I got the word "clown" straight in my face. After 10 minutes of a total shock, I got an idea - the clown's wig. Red and orange. Huge. F l u f f y.
At first I wanted to make a bracelet. Than earrings. Finally, I have cut those ideas down to a single pendant.
I've recently got some great Jablonex seed beads in several shades of purple. I love red and purple together, and my husband is the biggest fan of Färjestad hockey team. Purple and orange are the colors of their sponsor, Löfbergs Lila. Well, I have quickly blessied myself with a cross sign, and started beading.

Well, does it look like a clown to you?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tropical Holiday - Etsy Beadweavers February Challenge

FINALLY! I am done with that challenge...

Here is its story.
When I read about the topic, I have immediately started to think about tropical flowers. The truth is, I was quite inspired by Kerrie Slade's flower designs and wanted to try to make something by myself. My first idea was to bead bougainvillea, which I thought would be pretty easy. But one flower would not look nice, and I would have to bead a bunch. BORING. Good I did not, dare I say ;)

Than I thought about orchids, but there are already quite many patterns out there. BORING.

Righty, than I have decided to bead Strelitzia.
No Delicas, just Jablonex. And some 6lbs-test FireLine.

The beaded bug-button made its appearance today. Originally, I have put memory-wire inside the rope. Well, the necklace was lying for a week, waiting for a sunny day for a photoshoot. You know, Sweden... midwinter... So, 5 min before taking photos (I asked another person to make pictures first), I've noticed that the wire has pierced the rope, despite that I've bent loops at its ends. I could not fix it. So, I had to re-invent the clasp, and there came the Bug. We'll call it a moth ;) However, it also meant that I could not use the photos taken earlier with professional equipment.
But, finally, it is done and listed!

Please visit the EBW team's blog to see all the amazing entries that the members have created this month! Please do not be shy to vote for your favorite between February 9 and 15!