Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tropical Holiday - Etsy Beadweavers February Challenge

FINALLY! I am done with that challenge...

Here is its story.
When I read about the topic, I have immediately started to think about tropical flowers. The truth is, I was quite inspired by Kerrie Slade's flower designs and wanted to try to make something by myself. My first idea was to bead bougainvillea, which I thought would be pretty easy. But one flower would not look nice, and I would have to bead a bunch. BORING. Good I did not, dare I say ;)

Than I thought about orchids, but there are already quite many patterns out there. BORING.

Righty, than I have decided to bead Strelitzia.
No Delicas, just Jablonex. And some 6lbs-test FireLine.

The beaded bug-button made its appearance today. Originally, I have put memory-wire inside the rope. Well, the necklace was lying for a week, waiting for a sunny day for a photoshoot. You know, Sweden... midwinter... So, 5 min before taking photos (I asked another person to make pictures first), I've noticed that the wire has pierced the rope, despite that I've bent loops at its ends. I could not fix it. So, I had to re-invent the clasp, and there came the Bug. We'll call it a moth ;) However, it also meant that I could not use the photos taken earlier with professional equipment.
But, finally, it is done and listed!

Please visit the EBW team's blog to see all the amazing entries that the members have created this month! Please do not be shy to vote for your favorite between February 9 and 15!


Kerrie Slade said...

LOL Olga - I came here to comment on your beautiful bird of paradise flower and was surprised to see my own name :D

Sorry about getting to the bougainvillea flower first, but yes it was boring to have to make a bunch of them :)

Your flower is wonderful, I love bird of paradise and have a plant growing in my bathroom but it has never flowered.

Good luck in the challenge :)

Foxan said...

:) Thank you Kerrie, your approval means a lot! Now you see why I was giggling when you posted your entry?
Love your bougainvillea necklace!

Swanee said...

Olga, your Bird of Paradise is beautiful! Best of luck in the EBW Challenge!

SarahKelley said...

Your idea is brilliant! Execution fabulous! Congrats on this piece! It's a keeper:)