Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Experimenting continues

As a part of my New Year - resolutions, I have promised myself to try new techniques.
This Sunday I have bought some fairly cheap brass wire at Pärlboden, came home, watched some wire-wrap instructions on internet and started bending. Seriously and honestly, I have really tried to follow this tutorial first! But just after couple of bends I got bored and started twisting wires my own way.

I know it is not perfectly straight;
I know that I have damaged the wire with my pliers;
I know that I need to invest in a file to fix those ends.
Hey, this is just a first attempt ;)

Have a great day!


Kerrie Slade said...

Looks like a good start to me Olga! I tried wire wrapping some years ago but I'm not a natural - think I'll stick to the beads!

Kerrie :)

Dawn N said...

It's a great first attempt!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Not bad for a first time. I think all of us would have all those issues when we finished. We don't learn in just one try. you know that old addage....Practice, Practice, Practice.

Foxan said...

Thank you for commenting!

That's The Question - do I want to practice more in the technique? ;)
Right now I have to agree with Kerrie - I'll stick to the beads.

But when I'll get retired.... Moahhahhhaaaa.... ;)

Marlaine said...

Looks pretty good to me! I hear you on doing your own thing though!

BeadsForever said...

Great start. I've done some wire wrapping and it made my fingers hurt but I've been tempted to try it again. I love using different mediums with beads.

Foxan said...

Thx, guys!
Linda, I am the same :)