Sunday, September 16, 2012

I am alive!


Yes, I am still alive. And still beading.
Short summary: my old contract as a researcher has expired - they had no money to keep me - (because of this country's idiotic policy of employing scientists) - was at home for two months - got an exciting new job and a permanent position (screw the Swedish scientific employment policy once again) - my baby-boy (oldest) has started school - I AM HAPPY and BEADING. AGAIN. Finally.

Last year was VERY stormy, but I have survived. :) MANY things have happened. I started an education as a silversmith (besides having a house, husband, two kids, daytime job and a company to run). Here are couple of examples of me learning playing with metal:

Then, I got involved into the Battle of Beadsmith, got to the round two (and am very glad about it). 

I will blog about this shoe some time later. I hope :)

Then, I went to Hamburg Bead Fair and met some nice people, couple of my old fans (was great to meet you, guys!) and even couple of beading celebs - Melissa Grakowski, Zoya Gutina and Huib Petersen. 

At the same time, I had yet another personal exhibition,

finished some cool commissioned pieces,

and started collaboration with (read "could not keep away from buying from") Golem Studios

Anyhow, I hope to be back soon with more exciting stories and many more pictures!
HUGE hug, I missed your support!

P.S. I have not checked my blog-connected e-mail for as long as I was away. Terribly sorry for not answering in time.