Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Long time no see :)

First of all, MANY THANKS FOR ALL THE DONATIONS to Elena Markovski and her daughter! Now they have got enough money for the trip, surgery and aftertreatment. You are fantastic, thank you for your contribution! It will happen in mid-May, I will keep you updated!

What's up here in Uppsala? Quite a lot. I'm preparing a large collection of jewelry for a exhibition in Stockholm. Cannot show you anything yet, ufortunately... But will come up with a small preview-spoiler a bit later in season.

Finished a large piece, will try my luck in Bead Dreams this year. It is featuring some really gorgeous labradorites and spectrolites and called Laplandia. Making that piece inspired me into making a mini-collection, "The Land of Midnight Sun" (Midnattssolens land in Swedish). This is, basically, how you call the North of Europe. Here is a teaser of Laplandia:

And here is its little sister, Karelia. First, I thought to enter a local competition with it, but misread the rules. Oah well, I like it anyway ;)

Materials: labradorites, Swarovski, leather, wire lace, seed beads, traditional tin clasp.

Karelia is the land of blue lakes, it is a beautiful region shared by Finland and Russia (one can long argue who was there first, but it is BEAUTIFUL despite political issues).

It is -18°C and sunny outside. I just could not resist making the last shot in the show!

So long!