Friday, January 16, 2009

Two new bracelets

I have started working again. It was not easy to concentrate on that bloody DNA-stuff after being at home for seven months. It would be certainly easier if my head would not be filled with all those craze bead-design ideas ;) But I am getting there and learning to set up correct priorities again.

Here are couple of my latest "creations". It was a while after I have tried free form brickstitch, and it was about time to pick it up again. Guess it is not difficult to figure out why did I call it My Funny Valentine... Besides colors, my brain was actually playing that jazz composition while I was making it ;) It's on display on Etsy.

After the tribute to St. Valentine's, I've made another bracelet, The Polar Night 2.0, by order of the same friend of mine who got the necklace with black stones from the previous post.

I just love those Jablonex seed beads! The golden ones - permanent finish Tohos.

And now - two tiny sneak-peeks. The first one was inspired by a fabulous necklace I've seen on one of the Russian beading forums. I have contacted the author and asked if I can use her idea, but got no reply whatsoever. Pity. Anyhow, I have no intentions to repeat somebody else's design. Right now I cannot decide what do I want to do with this... Is it going to be a part of a necklace or a bracelet, or perhaps a pendant. I am also meditating on its final shape, style and type of backing and the complementing beadwork, of course ;)

And this is my second sneak-peek - a view of my working table at the moment. This is the materials for my entry for one of the Swedish beading contests that cannot be published before the competition is over. But I am allowed to tease the audience a bit ;)

That's all for now. Stay well!


Marlaine said...

Love your Valentine bracelet. Freeform is always so much fun to do !

Foxan said...

Thank you so much!

Kristin said...

Wow!! Pretty cool designs of those bracelets!! Red one is really just fantastic...