Saturday, February 7, 2009

PärlPlatsen's Word Challenge - CLOWN

Word challenge is a game played at PärlPlatsen.
This time I got the word "clown" straight in my face. After 10 minutes of a total shock, I got an idea - the clown's wig. Red and orange. Huge. F l u f f y.
At first I wanted to make a bracelet. Than earrings. Finally, I have cut those ideas down to a single pendant.
I've recently got some great Jablonex seed beads in several shades of purple. I love red and purple together, and my husband is the biggest fan of Färjestad hockey team. Purple and orange are the colors of their sponsor, Löfbergs Lila. Well, I have quickly blessied myself with a cross sign, and started beading.

Well, does it look like a clown to you?


Swanee said...

I have a passion for orange beads, so I really like this. Yes, it makes me think of a clown ... Ronald McDonald! LOL!

Foxan said...

LOL Swanee! You are channeling me from the other shore of the Atlantics! ;) As the matter of fact, I WAS thinking about Ronald McDonald while beading!

When I caught myself on that thought, I started to try to remember all other famous clowns we had in the Soviet times: Popov, Karandash, Nikulin... All of them were a bit sad and made you think more than laugh. It is interesting to observe how the American pop-culture is influencing us all!

Anyhow, I admit that I was thinking of Ronald McDonald :) Thank you for a positive comment!


SarahKelley said...

It does-- it's very fun!

Shari said...

It's gorgeous. Very clown hair.

Karen Gill said...

Orange is one of my favorites, although I try to keep it under wraps! It's addicting to me, and I love the necklace especially with the purple!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

I think it looks fantastic. I really love your "clown".

BeadsForever said...

I love your choice of colors and the name is great!