Monday, November 17, 2008

Back from Holland!

Hi ppl, I'm back. And what I see? Still no comments to my posts! And I know FOR FACT that many of my friends and family members are visiting the blog regularly. Grmf on you! ;)

I've spent four days in Utrecht and Amsterdam on Fungi and Health symposium, and fell in love with the country. People are NICE, weather is warmer than in Sweden (no wonder, heh), asian food is just great. ;) If you go there, beware of stroopwafels - they are as addictive as the magic mushrooms...

But back to business - I have finished two more beaded things.
This time I learnt how to make beaded crochet rope. The Swedish Bead Crocheting Guru Stinta has kindly helped with some useful advices.

The first thingie is called Frosty Blues. There was no great thought behind it, I just happened to have size 9/0 rocailles at home (Gutermann).

I really love this Orange lariat, actually. I got so inspired by work of Yvonne Stark (see link to the left), that made this one. Think Valencia, think oranges, think sun, freshness, juice, vitamines, etc... The flower on the one end in made in brickstitch (inner petals) and peyote (outer ones) - klick on the image for better view on the details. The stones on the fringes are dyed red agats - leftovers from my October project. This one is going straight road to Etsy.

And finally, a little sneak-peek on one of my new projects ;)

Stay tuned and do not forget to comment! ;)


Susanna said...

Wow vilka snygga smycken du gör! Helt jätteimponerad! :D Det orangea här gillade jag skarpt! /Strömming

Foxan said...

Tack snälla! :)

AnKa said...

Jag blev jättenyfiken på sneakpeaken, det frostiga. Vad är det för mönster du använder där???

Foxan said...

AnKa, detta är en spiral rope:

AnKa said...

Spiral rope. Såg ju att det var någon spiral men funderade på vilken. Jag ska också starta på en lila spiral rope någon gång när jag får tid.

Foxan said...

Tidsbrist är storsta problemet, det är så sant!