Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Evolution of the Snow Angel

I am still working on the white collar. It is going slowly, but steadily. My main concern is to keep it well-balanced and not messy. Although it really wants to become messy, take my word for it!
Another concern of mine that it might turn out cheap-looking due to all Swarovski and other bling-bling. Well, we will see.

I decided to take some pictures to trace my progress, just as I go. These are from the last four days. I have also decided not to do any editing of the pictures, they are absolutely raw. Flash does not work with all bling of the large crystals, I'll have to figure it out later. My eyes actually did hurt when I was beading around those Swarovski rivolis, they shine like crazy. Good that I am not a diamant jeweler ;)

Anyhow, I am half-way through the project!

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