Monday, September 22, 2008

Stringing continued :)

Here is some stuff that I have made this summer.

This one was made by request from my brother, meant as a present to his girlfriend. The "challenge" was to string something brown. Well, brown it was: lamp-work glass, seed beads, glass hearts and dyed freshwater pearls.

My mother was next in the line - she needed a necklace to match her new green-brown-copper party outfit. I made two pieces with mixed seed beads and some acrylic ones, added dyed shell beads and dyed freshwater pearls in shades of green and (surprise!) brown ;).

This one was made because my precious soul all over the sudden started to request something light, white and pink. I blame it on pregnancy!

And this is the last piece of my "summer collection" - recycled old and boring string of turquoise chips that my parents bought me in Egypt in 1990. I have added some freshwater pearls of natural white color, clear crystal chips, foiled glass beads and gold-plated metal beads.

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