Sunday, April 26, 2009

The course I am taking...

Some of you know already that I am taking a course from a Russian beadweaving master, Galina Pchelkina via
I took it because I felt stuck in peyote and bead embroideries, like sitting in a comfort zone for all too long. Russian beaders are insanely versatile in their use of techniques! Anyhow, I joined the course. First lesson was simple (chains), so was the 2nd (cab settings). The third was a plain nightmare: Right Angle Weave in combination with strict following the pattern (I was seriously considering dropping out, but Galina kicked my butt). And here is the lesson four. I loved it!

All patterns that have been used are copyright of Galina. I just have added some personal touches to them, but all the credit should go to my teacher.

Blue lace:
The Other Sister Boleyn:

A fragment of a necklace that I have to finish (hope to get my carnelian beads soon!).

You must be able to speak at least some Russian to take the course. It is free of charge, open for registration until May the 1st.

Take care!


Rachele said...

Really beautiful work Olga!!

Marlaine said...

Wow, beautiul pieces! Wish I spoke some Russian because the course looks well worth it! said...

Nice necklace and creative name on "The other sister boleyn" A masterpiece :) /

Jenny/eld said...

The other sister Boleyn is fabulous! Just love it!

Lojs said...

Du är så otroligt duktig på det här!! Jag är helt förälskad i "blue lace". :D Och det jag sa till dig igår, det står jag fast vid: Om jag någonsin får gifta mig så ska jag anlita dig för att göra smyckena!! :D Jag är ändå ingen sötvattenspärlor och guld-tjej sådär. Vilket kanske framgick igår.. hehe. ;)

Megakramar! /Lojs