Saturday, August 1, 2009

I was gone for too long :)

Hi guys!

Time to come out from the closet - I am combatting depression. Tired, worried, down, blue - you name it. So far, no medication, just long biking tours around Uppsala. And some beading.

I bough some gorgeous brass stampings this winter, from a fellow Etsian who owns the The Brass Boutique. One of them was a dragonfly that I used for my Temptation necklace. I thought that the branch of ivy will make a nice company to the Russian serpentine cab (Valentina's shop, as usually). After aligning those two, I've got sort of elvish vibes from this combination of brass and green veined stone. Than both the vine and the stone were put aside, until unnouncement of EBW August challenge - The First Ladies of Style.

Lúthien, mother of Elrond, grandmother of Arwen, daughter to the Mr Wood Elf Himself, etc, etc, etc - all can be read in Silmarillon by Tolkien if you have desire (and time)... So, I thought of the fair lady of wood elves. Brass and green, what could better? And I picked up the ivy and the serpentine cab.

Embroidery part was easy. Making the chain took me almost a week. First, I made a wide freeform colar. It has killed the focal.

Than I made several vines with RAW and thought to build a keltic-knot structure. The focal did not look any better.

Finally, the idea of RAW-based chain came into my mind. I did not have enough of serpentine beads, and ordering them all the way from Russia would have taken ages, therefore they are mixed with white onyx beads. I think that is adds a bit of moonlight glow to the piece.
Only than, the focal came alive.

I will let you know when it is time to vote ;)

Be well!


beadsandblooms said...

It's a beautiful piece, Olga. And I'm glad you're back! Keep beading and staying active. You're on the right track for fighting back. Hugs!!

Marlaine said...

It's a fabulous piece. Love the combination of colours, textures and elements. Very earthy feeling. Good Luck!

bani said...

Tråkigt att höra att du mått så dåligt! :( Ta hand om dig! Har gått igenom detsamma så jag vet. Jag har inte ens någon superbegåvning att rosa mig med... :D KRAM!

Zoya Gutina said...

I missed that piece, but I must say it's gorgeous!