Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fashion Colorworks contest @

I never have time to enter any competitions, but I've just found out that Zoya and George Gutin have changed the deadline for their Fashion Colorworks contest. The time for submissions is between the 1st of April and 15th of June! Which would theoretically mean that I can manage to make something. Guess, it will be colorcombo 1: something embroidered; 2: something entirely beadwoven and 3 - crazy freeform. No promises to fullfill any of these ideas, but I will give it a try.

Otherwise I am probably going to keep a relatively low profile under the coming month or two - writing grant applications at work, it takes all my mental energy. There is also a blogging challenge from Artbeads that I've just barely started. And EBW spring swap... Hope I'll survive in one piece ;)


Zoya Gutina said...

It seems you're gonna be as busy, as a bee! :) Good luck!

bani said...

Lycka till med sökandet! :D