Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hi guys!

How are you today?

Today I wanted to tell you about, a lovely web-shop located in the UK. As many of you know, having a beading blog pays back. Now and then many of us are getting requests from different companies/shops to review their products, test their service, etc. And we do so, gladly.

This time was no different. BeadCrafty has contacted me already before the Christmas, asking to write about them in exchange for their materials. Surely, I said yes! It was exactly at the time when I was writing a makramé tutorial for my beading class. So, naturally, I have immediately imagined a macramé project and picked beads and cords for it.

The webshop of BeadCrafty is easy to navigate. It is quite funky, refreshingly colorful and straight to the point. All beads are offered in small packs, which is perfect for people like myslef who is using tonns of different kinds of beads in the projects. Sometimes I find it expensive and unnecessary to buy a string of beads when you need just 5 or 10. If you are like me - this shop is for you! The package came just couple of days after ordering, safely and beautifully wrapped.

There were beads for two projects in my order. Both inspired by tropics: one was fuschsia-pink, and the other was aqua-teal. First was supposed to have this cool polymer bead as the focal, and the second would evolve around this paua-cab.

I got to work as soon as the beads have arrived, but blimey... The cord that I ordered did not fit the holes of the beads that I have ordered. This happens, right? It would only fit 8 mm agates and Swarovski crystals! Back to the drawing board. I thought I'd make a strung necklace. Soon I've realised that it was going to be boring. And not me. Then exhibition came, then Christmas orderes, then an "urgent" cooperation with the BeadSmith (which I will blog about a bit later), my camera went on strike... And the project was left behind. Until two days ago, when I got a very kind e-mail from BeadCrafty asking if I was still going to write the review.
OUPS! SORRY GUYS!!! :blushing:

So, I picked up the beads yesterday.
And from now on there will be just a very few words and many pictures.

I cut the necklace embryo and put it onto the foundation. Mind though - colour of the focal is WRONG in this light.

Totally unglamourously fixed it with scotch while stitching it to the foundation. Then scotch got removed.

After that, I added larger beads: agates, faux pearls, shell pearls and Swarovski, 3-12 mm in diameter (95% of beads are still from BeadCrafty!). At this point, I had to stop and go get kids from the daycare.

Now, these are fresh pictures of today's progress:

Yes, I cannot really live without seed beads. These are from my own stash (Jablonex).

Filling gaps between large beads with freeform peyote.

Adding texture and 3D-feel.

Well, there is circa 1/3 of the necklace left to be finished. Hope to get back to it next week - my weekend is going to be quite hectic.

All pictures were taken with my iPhone. MUCH better picks are promised: upon finishing the necklace will be taken for a real photo-session at my sister-in-law's.

Thank you BeadCrafty for patience. And wonderful beads. And this cool opportunity.

Disclamer: yes, I got beads in exchange for writing this review. No, I am not lying - their webshop IS good, at least in my humble opinion.


ewuva said...

Fantastyczny naszyjnik!

LUCY said...

Precioso....una maravilla.....

Kasa said...

Thanks big for explanations. I have tried to make in such technics and is happy with result

Mynor said...

This is beautiful!

Gutukas said...

Beatuiful, thanks for the commentary, so detailed.

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