Saturday, January 6, 2018

Something new-ish

I have not been participating in any contests for a while. But this year, I entered a couple of small ones here in Sweden. Thought I'd share some of the pieces with the world.

This is a kit challenge, Purple Brain ;)
Got me a 3rd place.

It went better for my Game of Thrones contest entrance, Cercei. That Lannister bi... um, sorry, evil lady got me the first place.

Brass stampings and tons of Swarovski in Lannister colors. And while embroidering, I was singing the Rains of Castamere, the Lannister song. Yep, I am a nerd and a big Game of Thrones fan. And I  
love Lena Headey!  

And Swarovski. I looooove Swarovski!

Cercei is notoriously difficult to take pictures of! It took me a while to embroider open spaces with 2.5 mm red siam Swarovski beads and bullion wire, but it is barely visible on the picture (look between the cab and the stamping). But it sparkles like crazy, so I am satisfied.

Finally, one more 1st prize in contest themed Heroes. I picked Marie Curie: two Nobel prizes, East European girl who moved abroad to study, you know the story. I made steampunk goggles. Swarovski Ultra Green rivoli for Radium and a blood drop for her dedication and sacrifice to science.

Enough for now. Have a nice day, folks!

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