Friday, January 1, 2010

Me and my avatars

I have been thinking to change the look of my shop for quite a while. Went browsing other web-sites, asked around, searched Etsy... Finally, I came across a wonderful shop of MamoPlanet and saw those beautiful custom-made banners.
It klicked instantly and the search was over. MamoP made this beautiful banner for my shop. Amazingly, it just felt perfect once I saw it. And the dragon.... My very own water-winged dragon! I LOVE THAT DRAGON!

And there are two matching avatars that I will be changing between now and then (depending on the mood, I guess) :

Mamo, Thank You!



Mortira said...

That is an amazing banner! I hope the change works out for you - the new year is a great time to try on something fresh!

CT said...

Awesome Avatar! - CT