Monday, January 25, 2010

Pictures from Esther :)

Another of my "new year resolutions" is to take pictures of my jewelry more often - in the process of work, as well as to take pictures of my jewelry in general. Very often I am too quick to send the item to a customer, or to give it away to a friend or relative. So, my jewelry often finds a new home living very few memories behind. And with my current state of mind, my memory is good as the one of a goldfish.

Esther was kind enough to take pictures of the pendant that I made for our swap in November (here is what I got from her in return) .

Cheers, Es!

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Green Envy Designs said...

haha :) and then to magen its all mine! i actually am wearing it as we speak since it really compliments my outfit of today :) i adore it :) im happy the shots came out nicely! remember to always takes shots of your work now!!!!! :) i adore it. thnx dear!