Friday, November 11, 2011

Caught a new bug ;)

Hi guys!

All over the sudden I have decided to test a new medium, polymer clay. World-wide-web offers a wide selection of inspirational pictures and mastec classes on hw to condition clay, blend colors, etc. And I went wild with it.

These are beads that one could call "Children of Ctulhu" (Wikipedia).
That's how they looked like at 01:20 a.m., fresh from the oven:

And here they are under the daylight.

Presenting Shoggoth:



And here are some less scary things, just a necklace with no name so far:

Well, maybe I've enjoyed playing with the clay a bit too much ;) We'll see...

That's it for today, thanks for looking!
Have a nice day, everyone!


lynsey said...

Wow these are totally gorgeous. I love polymer clay too, you seem to have an excellent handling of it

Foxan said...

Thanks Lynsey! It is such a cool medium to work with, love it! :)

Celeste said...

Una preciosidad!!!!!!!!!!!creía que era tela hasta que he leído tu post, menuda maravilla has conseguido,felicidades.

the SMILE factory said...

I love it! They are beautiful:)
I look at it and I would like to try polymer clay one day :)

Szikati said...

Fantastic pieces, congratulations!!!

Rose said...

Wow, you have gone crazy with the clay! Your creations are beautiful. I love the colors and the shapes. It's wonderful how the Internet can be such a great resource for learning new things like this.

Foxan said...

Argh, take four to leave a comment in my own blog!

I wanted to say THANK YOU for the comments!

Celeste, I am glad you said that, because that's exactly what I wanted to achieve. Thank you.

It is an incredible medium to work with, you should try if you have not done it yet ;)