Friday, November 25, 2011

Echo of collaboration with Mona

This post will be about a necklace that I made for Mona Baroody, a glass artist from the U.S. who makes some really cool beads. To see some of her work, please visit her Etsy shop: Do not forget to browse the "sold" section as well!
Anyhow, Mona and I have collaborated for the Fashion Colorworks contest this year. Neither of our two collaborative pieces came to finals, but nevertheless it was a great fun to work with her beads! We have decided to swap - I got some gorgeous lampwork beads, and promised to make a necklace to Mona in return.

While working on our project, Mona created a very unusual bead (by mistake, as she claims) :)

First, we planned to include it in the contest design, but then I realised that the aggressive mandatory colors of the contest would kill its beauty. And I made a separate piece, just around it.
Guess it's quite clear that it is one of my typical "ocean" pieces. :) All lampwork in this one are by Mona.

That jellyfish bead is awesome!

Just look at the color blend that Mona gave this focal!

Is it water or what? :)

It was fun and a great pleasure working with you, darling! Big Hug!

Visit Monas shop, buy her beads, you will not regret it.

Disclamer: I did not get any money/beads/commodities/royalty for writing this post. It is my own honest opinion.


Szikati said...

Oh, my God!
What a fantastic work!!!!!!!!

lynsey said...

WOW!! what a stunner, a beautiful piece, and the glass work is just fantastic

Mona Baroody said...

I can't tell you how amazing it was to connect and work with you! Thank you so much for this necklace; I haded the jellyfish bead, and now it really IS amazing! Your work is incredible and I am so honored by you. Thank you so much for posting about me!

Rose said...

Gorgeous creation for this unusual bead!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Beautiful!!! So organic and so perfect for the focal bead. YUM!

Foxan said...

Mona, the pleasure was all mine!

And thanks for all the comments, the are truly heartwarming!