Monday, December 5, 2011

Chocolate passion

Today's piece of useless knowledge: did you know that the taste of chocolate partly depends on what sort of microbes were fermenting the beans before roasting? ;)

Anyhow, everybody knows that chocolate is the best remedy for depression. I looooove chocolate in all its expressions and forms. And with a cup of good, strong coffee.
Here is a Chocolate Passion - the necklace that came to life one beautiful sunny afternoon when I just had to make something chocolaty.

It's leaterwork with bead embroidery. Leather of four colors of chocolate + bronze seed beads and some picture jasper cabs and rounds. I backed with soft leather of reindeer.

It's made to fit a lady with a long neck and a perfect posture.

I sold it on the Bead fair in Hamburg in August, to a lovely girl from Sweden :) She looked totally fabulous in it and I am sure my necklace has found a loving home.

Chocolate, anyone? ;)


ewuva said...

Czekoladowa pasja - fantastyczna! Gratulacje piękny naszyjnik!!! Pozdrawiam;)

Káli Gopika said...

Beautiful work!!!

Szikati said...

It's simply a wonder!!!! Congratulation!!!

Rose said...

Stunning piece! I love chocolate, too. For the EBW challenge Temptation a few years ago, I made a Chocolate Temptation piece. :)

Perlenzauberin said...

Wonderful art!

imprint by eileen said...

Beautiful! Love it :)

Foxan said...

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!