Sunday, December 18, 2011

My first exhibition!

Finally, I have matured for an exhibition. Since I am a complete noob in this branch, a friend of the family, calligraphy artist Marie Györi has kindly offered her helping hand. We made a common collection "Letters and Pearls" and exhibited it in the Gallery T in the Old City of Stockholm.
Gallery T has just one room: 32 square meters, three windows, white-washed walls and a wooden floor made of wood that used to be in the deck of an old sailing boat. It is situated in the Dragon House on Österlånggatan 3, just 100 meters from the Royal Castle. It is a very warm, peaceful and harmonic place.

The theme of our exhibition was love and nature. Marie used texts of ancient poets, Holy Bible, Shakespeare, modern authors and song writers in English, Swedish and Hungarian (as the latter is her mothertongue). And I made jewelry that was expired by the text of colors that she was using. Or vice versa, Marie chose the text and colors based on a piece that I made. We had a year to prepare the exposition.

This is one of examples, Divine Love.

I used white agate cab, polymer clay, seeds and Swarovski.

Here is a bit more:

The exhibition was a success! I sold three pieces, Marie - two. Both of us got many new contacts, commissions, etc.

And I would like to thank all my beady friends and blog readers for all the support you gave me during the past three years.


KJ said...

Congratulations. Your display looks really great.

Carol Creech said...

Congratulations and what a fantastic exhibit! I absolutely love the combination of written verse and your pieces. Just amazing.

Rose said...

What an awesome opportunity! Congrats!

ewuva said...


lynsey said...

How wonderful, i would have been in heaven had i been able to attend, looks like a truly beautiful exhibition.

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

What a wonderful thing to share with your sister! It looks fantastic and your work compliments each other's beautifully. Fantastic!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Sorry, went back and re-read and it's not your sister but a friend of your family. Whatever the relationship, it's magical together!

Lyrian said...