Sunday, February 3, 2013

I work-work... I work-work...

Hi, dear all!

All over the sudden the stars came into a favorable alignment, providing me with a combination of aa free moment, enough energy, will to write, and caring enough to keep my blog going.

I am not kidding about working, though - guess I shared with you my career change. Bye-bye research career, hello working in management. And my boys are growing and require quite some attention. And, finally, I am taking care of my health and working out several times a week. All that means that I do not bead every day anymore. But my heart does still belong to beads.

For those who would like to meet in person this year, I will have a exhibition together with Anna Lindell in Stockholm in May the 11-17th, more info coming later. I will be also teaching classes at Bead Lovers Meet in Lund in March 8-11 and Beader's Best Fair in Hamburg in August ( Guess there will be more exhibitions and classes, but those above are definitely set.  

Well, enough writing. Let me show you some beads in action.

The pictures below are from a commission I had last summer. I met this lady at my first Stockholm exhibition. This necklace went all the way to Russia, and I am very glad for it. The given task was: rose , silver and greys; ribbons instead of a clasp and Art Deco inspiration.

This is my palette - rich rose-pink rhodochrosites + 24K white gold Delicas, sterling silver-plated beads, freshwater pearls, some Bohemian 3-cut seed beads + diverse japanese seed beauties. 

This is my focal. I like shopping at this Etsy store: The owner does great job on those cabs!

This was one of my first sketches, but the customer preferred one below:


To us both it was more Nouveau than Deco, but oah well ;o) It was a pleasure working with this customer, she has a great taste!

Here is the final look:

A friend has suggested to call it "Ashes of Roses", and guess it is quite an appropriate name for this necklace. The roses of rhodochrosite are surrounded by silvery grass, lilly of the valley branches and some simple leaves. 

And here be some close-ups:

I am happy for this creation of mine, it's owner will take a good care of it.

'Nuff for today, folks! See you around, however uncertain how soon... :)



NAAN POCEN said...

Glad to see you blogging again! Gosh I wish I can make it to your exhibition, I hope you will blog about it afterward. I have always found your work inspiring.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I love seeing the process of how people work.

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

How absolutely lovely Olga!

Ilenia said...

O.O! really stunning necklace!

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Terrific design and process...
Happy 2012
-Eva Maria

Foxan said...

Than you so much!

Naan - I'll do my best to blog in time... You know how "punctual" a blogger I am though :)

Nicole - I do love that too! It is such an interesting experience, to see a new piece being born in front of you!

Marsha - Thank You.

Ilenia - nice to see you again! Thanks.

Eva Maria - your compliment means a lot. Have a great year you too!

LUCY said...

Maravilloso trabajo...Saludos...y gracias por compartir...

MaryL said...

Absolutely stunning!

Pilar said...

I like how you start out your beadwork with a drawing and work the design that way. Great idea! Very beautiful.

Gypsy said...

Your beads flow like wirework!

Anna said...

This is beautiful! You are so talented and creative. Thank you for sharing.

Dom z mozaikami said...

Absolutnie ZJAWISKOWE !!!

Gem Pundit said...


I just came across your blog and glad i did. I found pleasure to read. Very beautiful designs are these.

I work with and am usually very stingy about giving out complements ;) Good

Job! Congratulations to you on your wonderful blog.
I will come back often to