Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another tutorial!

Finally (!!!) I've managed to produce another tutorial. This time it is all about leatherwork.
I show my own way of making leaves of leather, and hopefully, the person who buyes the tutorial would end up with something like this:

For sale at my Etsy store at:

Meanwhile, I have ZERO inspiration for finishing dozens of UFOs lying around in my flat.
Remember "presumably kidney stones" from June? Those are quite confirmed gallstones by now. Completely unnecessary thing, I must say. I am in line for surgery.

On the bright side, I just got my Artbeads blogging order. Now I "just" need to get my ispiration back!

Wish me luck :)


Emerald Window said...

I saw your tutorial on your Etsy site yesterday and was amazed by it. I've never seen leatherwork like this.
I've made a number of Soutache Brooches since I bought your last tutorial and sold a few of them. I did a fair this last week-end and got a lot of comments on them. Do you know the history of the soutache embroidery? Many people asked me, but I didn't know.

LUCY said...

Un trabajo una maravilla

Foxan said...

Thank you, Cenya & Lucy!

Cenya - thanks for sharing, what a wonderful news! I saw some of the brooches in your shop, they are gorgeous.

Embroidery with soutache is a very old craft, it was used to embellish gowns in different coutries of Europe. Only in Russia this tradition is several centuries old.
The art of making jewelry with soutache got popularized thanks to Dori Csengeri (just google up her name, you'll find several pages with LOTS of inspiration!).
Check also the homepage of Rina Mor: , it is in Russian but the pictures speak for themselves.

Ilenia said...

Wow ... what a beautiful work!!!