Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back home from Facett!

I have been at my first beading fair ever, Facett'09 in Stockholm.
80 glad beaders from every corner of Sweden got together in Lidingö to chat, learn, bead, chat and bead again ;) And buy beads for reduced prices, of course.
It surely was fun to meet old friends and to make new ones, as well as to put faces onto aliases from the Swedish beading forums. Pictures of my Facett-creation will come a bit later, when I'll be done with it.

Now I'd just like to blog about my last addition to my Etsy shop: One Million Years B.C.
Soutache again... And some gorgeous picture jasper.

First I thought that I would enter the EBW March-April challenge with it, the "Time Machine". But actually, the necklace is not beadwoven. ;) I'll skip it this month.


Karen Gill said...

It's pretty spectacular, beadwoven or not!

Smeg said...

OMG, totally amazing. Looks Fantasy and Fairytale and everything!

Louisa Meece said...

So very cool! I love it's simplicity and the earthy colors that you chose and contrasted with the yellow and lighter orange! Absolutely lovey!

binkaminka said...

This is totally awesome! I admire Your talent and creative spirit, Olga! And this technique is such a different and freshlooking!

Carol Dean said...

This is a piece of art. Magnificent!