Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first item ever

Tomorrow is a big day.
One year ago I have made my very first piece of jewelry.

Today I took it out from the closet and took pictures. With the very same camera as I tried to use last autumn when I started my blog. The only difference - I did not know anything about macro. Or day-light. Or background. Or photoshop/ You name it ;)

One year ago, I was sitting in the lab and chatting with Jonas and Su-lin. We were talking about art, Jonas had finished his last picture and came to show it to us. The spring sun was shining through the window. The baby in my belly was practicing kick-boxing. And I was thinking that I wanted to buy some new jewelry for the spring, but there was nothing in the shops that I'd like. Hey... What if I tried to make my own? :lightbulb on:

I went to the hobby shop, bought pliers and a green-gold kit of acrylic beads. That evening I've made my first item, a bangle. I still like it and wear now and then.

Yes, I did not have crimping pliers and was not exactly sure how to secure the wire ;)

Happy beading! :)

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Lojs said...

Det här funkar inte lika bra att säga på svenska, anser jag, så därför: It's so cuuuute! :)