Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two "old" pieces that I have forgotten to blog about :(

Well, not exactly forgotten... They have been etnries to two of local Swedish beading competitions.

This is one (Trubute to Coco) was made for the BraPärlor's competition. The entry would have to be made in any technique, but most of the beads in it had to be freshwater pearls. The winner piece was totally stunning, you got to check it out!

I made the pendant using a technique that was totally new for me. It is very similar to Quilling, you just use a braided cord instead for a strip of seed beads. Please have a look here for the description, and make sure to visit the site of Dori Csengeri, the creator of this exciting technique!

A very short disclamer - I could not get the color of those blue 3-cuts right, no matter what I tried! In reality, they are of the same shade of navy-blue as the cord wraped around the cabs.

The second piece is en experiment, inspired by spectacular embellished netted collars by Zoya Gutina. It took the second prize in Zionesse contest #2. The entry had to be made with 80% Miyuki and Jablonex exclusive seed beads and the topic was "New Year". It is called Winter Solstice. As the matter of fact, I was going to bead champagne. That is why I made that 3D freeform embellishment with 15/0 that was supposed to look like the bubbles in the sparkling wine. But when I started making pictures, the necklace started to resemble the sun, I thought. I usually listen to my pieces ;). It has been named "Winter Solstice".

The spring is coming, I can feel it in the water... ;)


Karen Gill said...

Olga, I love the soutache of course, but the Winter Solstice is GORGEOUS!!! It's over the top!

BeadsForever said...

Both of your necklaces are gorgeous and very deserving of winning!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Lovely pieces, Olga. I hope you win.

Foxan said...

Thx, ladies ;)
Nope, I did not but it was fun anyhow!

binkaminka said...

very beautiful items! Chanel is my favorite since you made it! Thanks for shearing the secrets of the technique!

Anonymous said...

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