Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rebellion Monkey

Why monkey? Dunno. It's brown. Many monkeys are brown. See the trend?
Logics is some pretty cool stuff! Glad I am good at it ;)

Last three months I have been doing mainly contest and challenge pieces, as well as some commissions. Excluding perhaps just the Blooming mosses. Know what? I am tired of beading under pressure and/or constraints. Hence - the Monkey the Rebellion.

It is done against all laws of symmetry. I have introduced its focal element here. It has been lying on the shelf next to my beading table staring at me ever since. Until a day before yesterday, when it became talkative. It has coincided with a fever-top, interestingly enough :) And than I knew exactly what to do with it!


Dini said...

Olga, It's just wonderful, wonderful!~! Colors are "Yum" and your asymetrical construction certainly appeals to me big time!! Superior job! Love your centerpiece creation.

binkaminka said...

Wow This is unusual!
I love that goldie-brownie-violet colors as well!

BeadsForever said...

I understand the rebellion part! Enjoyed the read and the new unique necklace!

Rachele said...

Hey Olga,
It is definitely different that what you would normally see, and that is one of the reasons that I absolutely LOVE IT!! It's fantastic, I just love how your reasoning for things.

Dawn N said...

What an unusaul piece. It's great!

Shari said...

It is a beautiful piece Olga. Congratulations! It has a wonderful flow.