Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My first tutorial. Ever...

Making tutorials is lots of work, ppl. Now I know that.
Think of a design. Sketch. Make a mock-up. Make the real thing and take pictures of the process. Process the pictures, re-take the bad ones. Write a description. Put the stuff together. Proof-read. Make the .pdf. Try to compress it yourself. Swear, swallow your pride and ask the hubby (aka Mr. Computer Genius) to help out. Watch how he fixes the problem in two minutes. Yeah... 23 hours of non-stop fun, straight up!

Buuuuuut, as a result I got my first tutorial that has already managed to sell thrice! YAY!

Here it is, blue and silver pendant called by name of my great office-mate, Cissi. She does not know yet ;) As fas as I am aware of, this is the first and the only soutache-tutorial available on Etsy.
And here is another pendant, called Hope. Just a little purple thing. I'll list it on Etsy tomorrow, now it is time to go to bed.



Emerald Window said...

Ha. So funny. I read about your tutorial on the Etsy Beadweaver's mail and mentioned that I had just seen soutache on a blog that I had read. I did not equate that Olga and Foxan are the same person.
So now I know who you are. Thank You for keeping this beautiful art alive.

Foxan said...

Thanks, Cenya ;)
I'm Gemini, you know... Many faces - same person :)

Maya said...

Necklace is gorgeous! All creations are wonderful.

Justyna said...

It is beatiful!!! I am impresed by...