Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back in business

Hi, everyone!

After 6 months of doing other things, I've managed to produce a piece for the monthly challenge of the EBW team: Silver and Gold.

In Prague, I've met one of my favorite bead artists - Angelica Motzkin (here are some exampls of her wonderful work). Angelica is know for mixing different techniques and media in her beadwoven creations. This necklace is definitely inspired by her art.

The pendant on the necklace is made using three different techniques: bead embroidery with soutache, wire-wrap and beadweaving using coralling stitch. Everything is gold, allright!

Since one of the main requirements of the EBW challenges is that the significant part of the entries should be made in any beadweaving techniques, I've added peyote-strap to the silk of the necklace, and made an entirely beadwoven clasp.

No picture can show the true glitter of this necklace ;)

To see all the entries of this month, go to Etsy.com and search for the EBWC tag. You can vote for your favorites between 9th and 15th of August at our blog. Every vote counts!


Emerald Window said...

Good Luck on the Challenge. Your necklace is BEAUTIFUL, as usual (although I don't think anything can top your Black Lotus Necklace).
I was able to find some soutache locally, but only in black and white. Saw that one of the Bead Weavers will be carrying it in her shop. Can't wait.

messini design said...

Galet snyggt!

Alexandra said...

Amazing necklace!!
Good Luck on the challenge!

LUCY said...

Que maravilla, espectacular, un lujo!!!!

Foxan said...

Thanks a million, all!

Maya said...

Gorgeous necklace! You are so talented! Follow your beautiful creations. Congratulations!

Glamour said...

So beautiful. It's simple and yet perfect.