Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fashion Colorworks 2010, part one

Somewhere between trips-conferences-seminars and other professional insanities, I've managed to finish my submissions for Zoya's contest.

Working with two of the color combinations (that is 1st and 2nd) were quit challenging, especially the 2nd one. It took me some time to understand what I wanted to make and how to make it ;) It was a bit of a meditation, hence the name of this mini-series - "Meditations".

The first in the series is a necklace in color combination #1: Amparo Blue - Turquoise - Pink Champagne. It is called "Skies Above Potala".

It is inspired by Tibet and Lobsang Rampa's books. The cloud pattern is quite typical for that part of the world (to be honest, I was sketching those clouds during an extremely boring seminar about scientific ethics, khm...). The focal is a natural turquoise cab.

While figuring out the secrets of layered bead embroidery and exploring different types of bead embroidery stitches, I came across the work of the fellow Etsy Beadweavers member - Joanne of Thistle Dew. I am particularly in love with her Bead Dreams entry this year: this necklace. Thanks for the inspiration, Joanne!

Tomorrow I'll fly to Germany for a conference. Stay tuned, there are more contest entries to see!


eliana said...

wonderful!!!! a little bit of meditation....i'm crazy for this necklace.

Pastiche said...

My goodness you are doing two pieces for Fashion Colorworks, I am struggling to finish one.

Monica said...

Oh mamma che meraviglia!!! Complimenti è stupendo!!!

bani said...

Wonderful. You did a fantastic job - as soon as I read "Tibet" I mentally shouted YES that's it!

Asia said...

I am in love! This necklace is absolutely gorgeous!
Great work..I guess that seminar wasn't that bad after all..:)

Croqueuse de perles said...


Foxan said...

Thank you so much for your comments, everybody!

I'm in Germeny at the moment, what a great country!

See you around!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Fantastic! I am nearly speechless.

Ruthie said...

I love the colors in this necklace! It looks fantastic :)

saridah said...

dear olga,
i'm impressed by your design... i am in malaysia and i would like to learn these beading techniqes from you....would you take students??? i really am interested. please reply to my email