Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Swap @

I'm back from Germany. What a lovely country! If you have not been there yet, I'd highly reommend to visit it. This time I spent couple of days in Munich and then went for a conference in a small city of Freising (hometown to the world's oldest brewery). Yes, it was great ;)

While I'm pationately waiting for the Swedish Summer to give me some good light to re-take the pictures for the Fashion Colorworks, I'll blog about the Summer Swap at

There is a lovely girl - SweetJane, or Genya (who likes freeform jewelry) and I got to make a necklace for her.

Here is is:

Unfortunately, it has been damaged during the transportation all the way to Moscow - one of the amethyst beads broke in two. Luckely, Genya's husband has managed to mend it.

Couple of close-ups:

(love the focal, it's a colored & facetted druzy "dragon vein" quartz, quite bulky to be honest)

And here it is on its new owner:

Looks like it fits! ;o)


Emerald Window said...

What a lucky girl to get such a lovely and creative necklace.

Alexandra said...

Amazing necklace!! Breathtaking amethyst!!

margelemi said...