Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summertime for Artbeads.com

Summer... What is Summer for you? Well, if you live in Sweden, it is rain. And strawberries ;) But say, if you lived in Spain? Blistering sun, siesta & sangria. Instead of buying expensive plane tickets, I decided to bead Spain in summer. It is ruby-red & passionate. With golds, brass ad bronzes.

Who are the main players in this necklace? The GORGEOUS brass filigree focal, not the cheapest bead but totally worth every cent. Then, there are stunning Swarovski beads and more brass. Finally, there are Czech firepolished beauties for accents. And, of course, seed beads: Toho and Jablonex.

Peter Sewel said couple of days ago something about the beads being the main players in our beadwork, we just put them together. So true, dear Beadsage!

Just look at those gorgeous beads!

Swarovski know how to make those crystals to sparkle!

The color of the bicones is Garnet and Red Magma, they are in fact a bit darker in real life, then on pictures.

Well, I wrote once that I lost some weight (50 lbs/25 kg at the moment)... It feels great, but now there is a problem: the collar brass blank seems to be too big for me! I have two options: to invent a clasp or to sell the necklace ;) Will think about it... So far - that's how it looks on a humble model ;) The picture is taken by my loving hubby just couple of hours ago.

Thanks for the beads, dear sponsors!

This necklace featured in this post is partly made of beads supplied by Artbeads.com free of charge. The opinion stated in this blog post is my own & my precioussssss.


AnKa said...

I`m stunned! It´s absolutley fabolous!
This in truley a necklace for a Russian princess. And you are so productive, how do you get the time?

Monica said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Meraviglioso!!!!!!!! Complimenti!

bani said...


Allt för smyckestillverkning: från pärlor till verktyg och tillbehör! said...

Love it!

Anne said...

Stunning, it's so intricate!! I was meaning to mention Persona's beading (http://www.personaworld.com/) last time I dropped by. See what they have for a Russian princess!