Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meditations for Fashion Colorworks, part two

It is called "Alien Worlds". This color combination, Tomato puree - Fusion Coral - Violet, was the least favorite of mine and the most difficult to work with. I find it just too aggressive... Well, it was a good challenge to make it work, in my opinion.

I thought about glass-stone-silica flowers with fleshy coral-pink and red leaves and vines (or tentacles?) of lilac and violet. I've ordered violet seed beads of the same color, but different finishes. It gave quite an interesting effect.

Made using netting embellishment and several different beadweaving techniques. Just wanted it to be purely beadwoven, and just a part of the clasp is ebroidered.

Speaking of the clasp... Well, on e-bay I've found stones marked as "genuine natural Argentina rhodochrosite" for $2.99 and free shipping. Felt fishy - rhodochrosites are rare, I've read! Well, a mineral collectioner in Stockholm said those were not even close to real rhodochrosites. Most likely, it is onyx-type of stone, presumably from India, and it has been definitely dyed.
After talking to her, I've made some research and have managed to find the genuine natural Argentina rhodochrosite. It is in the clasp. I felt that the natural banding pattern of the "fake" stone were very much in line with the colors we were given to work with. Here are the close-ups of the imposter:
and of the real thing:

Watch out when bidding on E-bay!

And have a nice day, of course! :)


Emerald Window said...

This is FABULOUS! I love the colors. Can I ask how long something like this takes to make? I do mostly bead embroidery and have thought about getting more into the weaving aspect, but I have a short attention span and long projects usually get shelved, unfinished.

Alexandra said...

Amazing necklace!! Unusual combination of colours, but it looks really great!!

Norita said...

woooowww! Its beautiful!

Foxan said...

Thank you for the comments!

Well, Cenya - you are asking a difficult question ;) It took about a month to complete, say 1-5 hours a day. I'd guess around 50-60 hours or so.

eliana said...


Maya said...

Wonderful! You are so cretive!

Maya said...

Wonderful! You are so creative!

Maya said...

Wonderful! You are so cretive!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

It's my least favortie color combo as well, Olga, but you did a gorgeous job with it. You really let how you felt about the materials move the substance of the work and that is really what creates cohesiveness and beauty, I think.

Ruthie said...

I remember looking at this colorway (I ended up not entering cuz life's been to crazy) and going, "how on earth???" You did a great job!