Monday, June 14, 2010

My Last Meditation: Legends of Lothlórien

Last night spent at ER with "presumably kidney stones". Yeah... Well, after giving couple of births that was not biggie, really... Something tells me it was not the end of it either...

Well, enough complaining ;)
This is the last necklace made for Fashion Colorworks 2010.

This is my favorite color combination of the three one could choose from: Dried Herb - Eucalyptus - Aurora.
The cabs are Russian - Serpentines and a gorgeous rich-yellow simbircite. Simbircite is really difficult to get if you do not know any Russian lapidarists, thus use the opportunity to get it from Rosita & Bernie Pisarchick on Etsy - they've got some really good stuff in their shop, I give my word for it.

Some close-ups, and a comment - it was very difficult to capture the colors in this one. The lucite flowers are yellow in reality, but appear almost olive-green when put next to the necklace ;) Even under the daylight.

And the clasp:

As was planned, the first necklace was embroidered, inspired by Tibet, buddhism, spiritualism, etc. The second is a result of my passion for sci-fi, made using classical beadweaving techniques. The third shows my passion for nature and fantasy, it is a story told in free-form.

I will take all three with me to Prague. This is the first time I am going to an international beading convention. I would really like to come to the Bead Dreams one of the next years, just to see it ;)

After completing these three pieces, I would like to make another one, outside the contest. It would be a Christian meditation, with whites, light blues and golds. Not sure which technique yet, perhaps mixed.

Right now on my plate there are:
- necklace for Artbeads blogging program - due 21st of June;
- commission order (large freeform colar) - due 10th of July;
- bridal order (hair jewelry and dress embellishment) - due 1st of August.

Take care, All!


bani said...

Love it!

Emerald Window said...

Wow! You have some amazing talent!You mentioned the Artbeads blogging program. What is that? Do you live near Prague, or is that a major trip for you?
I will definately check out the Etsy shop you mentioned for lapidary. Great post and I wish you the best of luck on all of your endeavors.

Foxan said...

Thank you!

Cenya - Artbeads contacts beaders with blogs to test the beads that they sale. It works like this: you get contacted, Artbeads gives you a certain theme to work with and certain beads to chose from for a certain amount ;) Then you use the beads, post the pictures in your blog and give your honest opinion about the product.

I live in Uppsala, circa 100 km from Stockholm, Sweden. Prague is just 2 hours flight away from here :)

Rosita Pisarchick said...

Amazing necklace, lovely colors and balance to it.
Thanks for the mention of our lapidary shop, that was a lovely surprise and an incentive to add more cabochons in our web offerings.
Thanks from Rosita.

KRDesigns11 said...

Your work is just lovely, words can't describe it adequately. I was drawn to your necklace because of the stone, and appreciate your recommendation for a supplier. Seeing your work makes me wonder if I want to continue to try to create for the illusive American market or to create beauty for myself. Thanks.

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

I have to go check out Rosita's cabs! This is my favorite of the group and in my mind the winner of the competition. Good luck to you Olga, and good bye to those other nasty stones. I hope they are gone for good.

Ruthie said...

That's incredible! I love the name and I love the design - it's one of the one's that stuck out at me when I was looking through the top 10 (and I didn't realize it was yours :P)